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Store all your big data on our Storage VPS on SATA disks

Offshore Storage VPS

AbeloHost offers offshore storage VPS’s specifically for those who want to host large sized websites while reducing SSD costs. Or for those who simply need to store large sized files on a server. Since our storage virtual servers are run on SATA drives, AbeloHost makes storing giant files easy and cost efficient. Operates on KVM virtualization and comes with 100mbps guaranteed.

Storage 200GB Gold
+ SSD Cache


4GB RAM Memory

Xeon Gold 5218 2.30GHz (2 Core)

200GB SAS (RAID 10)

1 IP Address (2 extra)

Unmetered Traffic / 100Mbps guaranteed

Storage 400GB Gold
+ SSD Cache


8GB RAM Memory

Xeon Gold 5218 2.30GHz (4 Core)

400GB SAS (RAID 10)

1 IP Address (2 extra)

Unmetered Traffic / 100Mbps guaranteed

Storage 800GB Gold
+ SSD Cache


16GB RAM Memory

Xeon Gold 5218 2.30GHz (7 Core)

800GB SAS (RAID 10)

1 IP Address (2 extra)

Unmetered Traffic / 100Mbps guaranteed

Storage 1600GB Gold
+ SSD Cache


32GB RAM Memory

Xeon Gold 5218 2.30GHz (10 Core)

1600GB SAS (RAID 10)

1 IP Address (2 extra)

Unmetered Traffic / 100Mbps guaranteed

Storage 3200GB Gold
+ SSD Cache


64GB RAM Memory

Xeon Gold 5218 2.30GHz (13 Core)

3200GB SAS (RAID 10)

1 IP Address (2 extra)

Unmetered Traffic / 100Mbps guaranteed

30-day money back guarantee.

High Storage VPS

Now with enhanced performance

It’s been a long road of evolution, but the 4th generation of Microsemi Adaptec maxCache now completely optimizes your SSDs for optimal performance and storage.

It gives you the opportunity to configure SSDs as cache. The technology checks how often you use and access specific data so that it can prioritize the most used one. Then, the data you use most frequently becomes a part of the cache pool so that you can access it more easily.

What does maxCache 4.0 offer?

  • It alters the SSDs into a cache pool (up to 1TB per pool), so you can boost the speed of HDDs.
  • The process of caching is fully transparent to you.
  • All mapping data is kept and controlled in controller DDR.
  • It supports both write-back and write-through policies which also optimizes data access speed. You can simultaneously update both cache and memory, or update memory at a later time.
  • It works on multiple drives (RAID) that are clustered for performance enhancement, but you can also enable/disable it for specific drives.

Instant storage VPS setupInstant setup.
AbeloHost automatically configures all storage virtual servers, allowing the account holder to immediately begin using their storage VPS after purchase.

Storage VPS monitoring24/7/365 monitoring.
A team of technicians monitor AbeloHost’s infrastructure at all times. This is to minimize any unwanted activity on the network whilst solving new issues on the spot.

You receive full root access when ordering a storage VPS Full root access.
All offshore storage VPS clients receive full root access to their virtual servers. This gives the user a wider variety of options.

We guarantee practically no downtime with our high-storage virtual servers99,9% uptime guaranteed.
AbeloHost is confident to share that the overall uptime of its network exceeds 99,9%. It puts extensive time into monitorization and renewal of technological parts to maintain this percentage.

Storage VPS with unmetered bandwidthUnmetered bandwidth.
AbeloHost doesn’t limit bandwidth usage on any of its storage virtual servers. This way, all VPS clients can freely make use of this advantage without having to worry about overage charges.

We offer Anti DDoS plans for all our virtual servers that have high storage capacity Anti-DDoS Protection.
All offshore virtual servers are protected from DDoS attacks for free. AbeloHost also offers better DDoS Protection for an affordable price. For more information, click here.

Choose from a wide selection of operating systems for our Sata Storage virtual servers Wide Selection of Operating Systems.
We offer a wide array of automatic Operating System installations on our storage VPS’s. Is your OS not in our system, contact us here to request a different OS. We may be able to help you.

Storage VPS control panel installation Free Control Panel installation.
We install all control panels for our clients, free of charge. This includes, but is not limited to, VestaCP (recommended), ISPManager, zPanel, and Sentora.

We will migrate your large data to our VPS Migration.
If you need your website, or just files migrated to your new storage VPS with us, you can request this service with us through our ticket system. Click here for more information.

We will manage your large data on our VPS Daily backup.
To make sure you don’t lose any of your data, we recommend taking our daily backup plan, starting for as low as €5.00. This adds a layer of protection to your storage VPS.

We will manage your large data on our VPS Offshore Management.
We manage your VPS while you focus on what’s more important: your business. Our management plans range from semi-management (free) to full-management. Click here for more information.

Get your money back within 30 days with our storage servers 30-day money back guarantee.
You can request a refund within 30 days of your initial payment of a VPS. This policy doesn’t apply if you pay with Bitcoin. Click here to read our Terms of Services.

All prices exclude VAT.

*all storage VPS’s come with a 100mbps guaranteed speed.

We accept Bitcoin, Credit Card, PayPal, WebMoney, iDeal and Bank transfer.