Netherlands Datacenter

We collaborate with Switch Datacenters

General Information

Switch Datacenters are a Dutch-owned carrier-neutral business with three server locations around Amsterdam. The company’s founders have all lead or worked for hosting services, so the progression to data centers was natural. Now, they employ a highly trained team for the design, build, and operation of their data centers. Their facilities hold a Tier 4 emergency classification, which means that their network is online 99.995% of the time.


The Switch Datacenter facilities have a power capacity of 10 MVA. They have 2N transformers, 2N Master Distribution Boards, 2N UPS, and even a Diesel-powered generator on site. Essentially, the company uses the latest technology when it comes to power and connectivity. Furthermore, they also take pride in ensuring that their datacenters are powered with 100% green electricity.

Network and Carriers

As we have mentioned, Switch Datacenters are carrier-neutral. What’s more, the company’s primary facility is conveniently located in the city region of Amsterdam that’s known for having a high fiber density of International Backbone Carriers. The company also has an NL-IX port and the Amsterdam Internet Exchange AMS-IX port as well.


Switch Datacenters maintain a temperature of 23°C (+/- 5°C) at all of their facilities thanks to their Cold Corridor System. Consequently, their 2N power capacity has an N+1 cooling redundancy as well — which makes their cooling energy efficiency (EUE) 1.04.

They hold several certifications including PCI-DSS for payment security, ISO 27011 for information security management, and they have a pending status for the ISO 14011 certificate, which ensures corporate responsibility.

The Dutch IT magazine Computable has also nominated Switch Datacenters for the title of the “Best IaaS-/PaaS- supplier of the year 2018.”

The company has 24/7 technical support from certified engineers. Furthermore, they also have 24/7 security services at their facilities.

Their sites have air conditioning units that keep the temperature at optimal levels.

Switch Datacenters have a high-end 2N and N+1 infrastructure.

We collaborate with Serverius B.V.

General Information

Serverius is a carrier-neutral Netherlands datacenter. It is located just a few miles away from Amsterdam in the heart of the Netherlands. The company is unique for its high quality services and its array of available networks. It is located in a perfectly stable environment, which makes it possible to build private networks and co-locate private hardware. The datacenter consists of the newest and most reliable technology: its high capacity co-location is protected with air conditioning, Tier 3 emergency power, efficient climate control services and modern fire extinguishers.


The Netherlands datacenter is connected to a 10kV power grid ring, and its power capacity is 2 MV, which is expandable. Power facilities in data room 1 are Hot-swap no break N+1. Both A and B use the same data-room UPS, Electrical Switch Board, Generator(s) and Main Electrical Switch Board. Power facilities in data room 2 are Hot-swap no break N+1. Both A and B use the same data-room UPS, Electrical Switch Board, Generator(s) and Main Electrical Switch Board. Power facilities in data room 3 are Hot-swap no break 2N. Data-room UPS, Electrical Switch Board, Generator(s) and Main Electrical Switch Board for A and B are different. The diesel generators that are available on the site can support the machinery for over 96 hours. Power per third and half racks is up to 1×32 Ampere or 2×16 Ampere. Power per full rack is up to 4×32 Ampere per rack.

Network and Carriers

This Netherlands datacenter is carrier neutral and there are multiple carriers available. The datacenter also offers a private network (AS50673). It is 100% Cisco and 100% redundant. It also features numerous 10-GIGE backbone uplinks. Being a RIPE LIR member, the datacenter allows to announce PI or ASN.


Attached to 2N power grid is a redundant N+1 cooling. A constant temperature of 21°C (+/- 5°C) is maintained at the facility. There are only High-density Racks in Cold Corridor System. Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) is less than 1.3.

Benefits of the Datacenter

Wide selections of networks are available, operational through multiple (fiber) carriers, which offer the opportunity of choosing the preferred mix of networks.

Serverius has a well-trained, friendly and trustworthy staff that can assist you with anything you need.

The electrical infrastructure (2N and N+1) is built in compliance with the NEN 1010 standard.

Each private colocation comes with redundant uplinks and free data traffic.

Large power consumption per rack with up to4x32Amp per full rack.

All the monitoring and maintenance work of the datacenter is carried out by a team of certified professionals. The size of the team allows for high quality support and a reliable performance of the center.

NL-IX Port available.

Remote hands service offers 24/7 technical support + 24/7 independent client access.

The air conditioners, the fire extinguishers, the generator, the ups, and distributor all have maintenance contracts of their own. These contracts are provided by the original suppliers and can be read in the datacenter.

The datacenter is ISO 9001 certified.