Privacy Statement

AbeloHost B.V. has the utmost respect for your privacy, and thus, we want to give you the best possible experience while you are using our website. Hence, please take your time to review our privacy policy that applies to our website. By continuing to use our website and our services, it will be noted that you have read, understood and agreed to the data practices described below.

AbeloHost B.V. will not disclose or sell your personal information and PII (personally identifiable information), without your consent, to third parties who are not affiliated with AbeloHost B.V. However, in the privacy statement below, there are certain exemptions for which we will give further explanations.

We believe that you have the right to know what kind and how information may be collected by this website. Moreover, you ought to know how this information may be used, disclosed, and the amount of protection we instill upon your privacy.

The following Privacy Policy relates to our clients, users who have visited our website and inquired about or bought our services, as well as those who have visited and used the AbeloHost B.V. website without purchasing our services.

The AbeloHost B.V. Privacy Policy was updated on May 22nd, 2018.


Type of Data

In terms of any data that can be collected or used, AbeloHost B.V. defines Personal Data as any information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify the user.

This sort of data can be collected and accessed by AbeloHost. B.V. Furthermore, this information can be transmitted, maintained and/or used by AbeloHost B.V. in regular business circumstances. The Privacy Policy and the regulatory law applies to the processing and the use of this data.

Third-Party Disclosure

AbeloHost B.V. will not rent, lease or sell its lists of customers to third parties. However, we may occasionally contact you on behalf of our external business partners, and offer you a service or product that might interest you. Nevertheless, in those particular cases, your PII (name, email, address and telephone number) is not shared with the third party.


Your Rights

You, the user and/or visitor, have the choice to permit, limit, restrict or deny AbeloHost B.V.’s ability to collect, process and share your Personal Data. However, please note that we might not be able to provide you with our services in case you cannot or will not provide us with certain data.

You can restrict, limit or deny our ability to share your data with third parties, or use it in any other way that is materially different from its original purpose, for which you have given your consent. In order to do so, please contact us by email, or via post. However, please bear in mind that, if such notice is not sent, the absence of it will be considered as your permission for previously mentioned data practices.

As a user, you have the right to access and correct your personal data at any given moment, as well as update the information if there is a need for it, or cancel your account by sending us a written request.

If you decide to cancel your account or the AbeloHost services, and you wish for AbeloHost B.V. to delete your PII, you have the right to send us a request for such actions. However, bear in mind that the erasure of data might not be possible in specific cases:

  • If the data refers to network access logs (stored indefinitely at AbeloHost B.V.’s discretion)
  • If AbeloHost B.V. has determined that there had been financially fraudulent activities and/or other illegal activities. In that case, the personal information may be kept until further notice so as to help the purposes of ongoing investigations and future fraud prevention
  • If AbeloHost B.V. has determined that there had been a violation of Customer and Service Level Agreements, which has further led to the cancellation of your account. In that case, AbeloHost B.V. may keep your personal information indefinitely so as to prevent further use of our services by the same individual.
  • If AbeloHost B.V. has to comply with a legal obligation, exercise, establish or defend legal claims, or maintain the practice of the right of freedom of information and expression.


Data Processing and Collection

AbeloHost B.V. may collect and process data when:


You visit and interact on our website

We may process and collect the usage data you reveal during the visit to our website. This sort of data is processed by our analytics tracking system, and it includes:

  • Your IP address
  • The type and version of the browser you’re using
  • The pattern you’re using to navigate our website and view pages
  • Your geographical location
  • The source or referral website
  • The length of your visit to our website
  • Frequency, timing, and pattern of the website use or visit

You will be prompted to agree to our Privacy Policy once you visit our website. Please bear in mind that we cannot process or collect your data without your consent. By reading, understanding and agreeing to the privacy statement, you are giving your consent to the data practices described in this document.

The legal basis for this processing and use is your consent. The purpose of it is the improvement of our website and our services.


You create an account on our website

In order to create an account, the website will prompt you to give personal data. Please bear in mind that the legal basis of this processing and collection is your consent. The account data which may be collected in this instance includes your name or company name, email address, country, town/city and address, state/county if applicable, postcode/ZIP and phone number.

This type of information will be used to monitor and view your use of our website, as well as for website and services improvement.


You order or buy our services or products

This type of information refers to transaction data regarding your finances and personal information about you, the user/customer. During this process, the website will ask you to provide contact details, payment method details, as well as transaction details.

The use of this data is reserved for keeping a record of the transactions between users and AbeloHost B.V.

The legal basis of this processing and collection is the legitimate interest of our company, provision of services and/or products, business administration, including accounting and taxes, as well as entering and execution of contracts.


You send an inquiry regarding our services or contact us with a question, comment or complaint

This type of information refers to inquiry and correspondence data regarding your personal concerns, questions, and complaints. That data includes your name and email address, as well as any other type of relevant information you provide regarding the content of the inquiry or correspondence.

The legal basis of this processing and collection is the legitimate interest of our company, selling, offering and providing additional information about our services, correspondence with the users of our website and record-keeping of the correspondence, as well as the website, business, and services improvement and management in general.


You send an abuse notification to AbeloHost B.V.

AbeloHost B.V. has established the necessary procedures and systems to respond to abuse notifications as quickly as possible. However, please bear in mind that it might take some time to give you a detailed response.

If you notice that another user or customer is in breach of our policies or misusing our services, or that your content has been infringed in any way, please follow the notification format and send us an email at

Please note that AbeloHost B.V. will collect and process the data you include in your abuse notification. The legal basis for this collection and processing is the resolution of any suspected breaches and infringements of our, your and others’ rights.

AbeloHost B.V. may also collect anonymous information in regards to demographics, which is not unique to you. That information includes favorites, postcodes, age and gender.


Detailed List of Collected Data

While using our website and services, AbeloHost B.V. may collect and process the following data:

  • Your personal details – name, address, phone number, email address and personal identification numbers which include, but are not limited to your social security number. Furthermore, we may collect data from documents and data that serve as certifications of your identity.
  • Your account data – the list of services and products you’ve ordered and bought, your customer ID, as well as service fees and your pattern of use of our services.
  • Your IP address – collected while visiting and ordering our services, and while adding personal details and transaction information during the purchase.
  • Your correspondence with us – we may collect data from any contact you have with AbeloHost B.V. That includes chat sessions, call recordings, notes, emails, and letters.
  • Your payment data – while you’re placing an order and purchasing our services, AbeloHost B.V. reserves the right to collect and process your payment method information (bank account and credit card numbers), as well as other banking information you are obliged to provide.
  • Abuse or suspected breach of Terms of Privacy & Service data – AbeloHost B.V. reserves the right to collect and process data which you provide us with by sending an abuse or suspected breach notification.


Data Processing and Collection Purposes

AbeloHost B.V. may collect and process your data for the following purposes:

  • Website and management operation
  • The delivery of services and products you have requested
  • Processing actions regarding your payments, refunds, and purchases
  • Communication with your, the user/customer/visitor
  • Responding to inquiries and complaints
  • Informing you of any other services or products that we have made available, or that our affiliates have made available
  • Conducting surveys and market research for the purpose of acquiring insight about your satisfaction with our current and/or future services; conducting sales and marketing activities
  • Undertaking reporting, researching, and planning procedures, as well as product and policy development actions with the addition of statistical analysis. The sole purpose of this form of processing is the improvement of our website and services.
  • Investigating breaches and violations of the AbeloHost B.V. Acceptable Use and Privacy Policy
  • Ensuring the privacy and the security of your data and our services, as well as detecting fraud.
  • Management of legal processes, which include legal proceedings, as well as the collection of evidence for said proceedings
  • Statutory obligation compliance, which includes providing the authorities with the data if there is a need for it in case of criminal investigations. Furthermore, AbeloHost B.V. can also process data in regards to applicable data retention obligations, as well as in case of infringement of third parties’ rights.


Other Data Sharing Instances

AbeloHost B.V. may share your data with:

  • Agents or partners that are directly involved with the provision of services you’ve ordered from AbeloHost B.V.  Those also include regulatory agencies that help diagnose problems with our servers, for which they need your IP address.
  • Regulatory organizations, courts, law enforcement agencies and other authorities if, when, and to the extent required by law
  • A third-party that claims that your personal use of our services has violated the Terms of Use of AbeloHost B.V. services or the applicable law (to the extent to which such sharing of information is required by Dutch law).


Payment Information Processing and Sharing

Your payment transactions, as well as your payment method data, may be subject to processing by our third-party payment providers. These providers are allowed to process your payment on behalf of AbeloHost B.V. Please note that AbeloHost B.V. will never share this type of information with anyone who is not directly connected to the transaction.


Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files that have a string of numbers and letters in them. This string is commonly known as an identifier, and it is a file that the server sends to the browser. Once it receives it, the browser stores the file. The identifier will be sent back to the server whenever the browser asks to access a certain page from it.

AbeloHost B.V. reserves the right to use cookies in order to provide you with a user-friendly interface, features and general access to the website. Nevertheless, should you wish to block cookies, there are ways you can do that. However, bear in mind that the quality of your website experience might be compromised.

The purpose of cookies is to track and identify visitors, as well as identify login sessions. The cookies will also store that data and keep a record of your user preferences. However, they are not used in areas of the AbeloHost B.V. website where you will be sharing your PII or other similar information. That data includes your contact details, as well as your transaction and payment data, passwords and other sensitive information.

Cookies can obtain non-personal data which includes, but is not limited to:

  • The IP address
  • Type of browser
  • Website areas you’ve accessed
  • Technical information related to the techniques you have used to access the website.

Third parties may use the data collected by the cookies. The purpose of the use of cookies on our website is site improvement, as well as the analysis of our customer-provider relationships and marketing intentions.

Please note that analytics tracking system providers may also use cookies to track and gather information about website visitors and users, as well as about the use in general.


Cookie Management

If you decide that you don’t want to allow the use of cookies while you’re using our website, please refer to the information below to successfully delete and manage cookies.

Edge –

Firefox –

Google Chrome –

Internet Explorer –

Safari –

Opera –


Underage Users

AbeloHost B.V.’s services are not designed for users who are under the age of 16. Hence, we will never knowingly collect, use, or process PII or other data provided by someone who is under the age of 16.

If a situation with such user arises, AbeloHost B.V. will cease all data processing, delete all information and terminate service provision to the said user.


Sensitive Information

AbeloHost B.V. is not responsible for any sensitive information you decide to store on its system. Furthermore, AbeloHost B.V. will never intentionally collect, keep, process and disclose sensitive information about its users. That information includes race, ethnic origin, medical and health conditions, philosophical or religious beliefs, as well as any other data that may be considered sensitive.



AbeloHost B.V. has taken all the necessary measures to provide you with the highest level of privacy. Thus, we protect your personal information through the use of encryption (Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol). Furthermore, we store your data on highly-managed systems that have limited access and are located in controlled facilities in the European Union.

AbeloHost B.V. implements technical measures and industry-standard safeguards. Furthermore, AbeloHost B.V. is compliant with the PCI DSS (Payment Industry Data Security Standard). This allows us to implement effective controls in order to protect your integrity and the integrity of your data at all times.

However, please note that the password you receive upon registering is your sole responsibility. AbeloHost B.V. will not be held responsible for any misuse of your private data if the account was accessed by inputting the password. If you believe that someone has been abusing your account, please notify us as soon as you can.

Even though we have taken the necessary steps to protect your information and the integrity of our website and systems, AbeloHost B.V. cannot be held responsible if certain situations during security breach arise. Those situations include the loss, misuse and/or alternation of collected data. Please remember that it is also your responsibility to ensure that security breaches don’t occur, as well as to respond to them accordingly.

Please bear in mind that the provision of all the data on our website and to AbeloHost B.V. is done at your own risk.



In order to register a domain name, ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) requires us to collect data about the registrants. The purpose of this data collection is domain registration via the WHOIS protocol. Therefore, a third party may collect data about you, such as:

  • Domain name
  • Registrant name
  • Relevant contact information
  • Domain name server data


WHOIS Protocol

In order to comply with GDPR, which will be in force as of May 25th, 2018, our company will implement the following changes that will protect your data:


Existing domains

We will implement the GDPR WHOIS protection method. If any Registrant, Tech, Admin and/or Billing contacts are from EU, AbeloHost B.V. will mask the WHOIS output for the related domain name. The mask will be presented in the form of placeholder details, instead of your personal data.

Furthermore, domain names that have enabled Privacy Protection will still show Privacy Protection contact data in the output. In addition to that, the Privacy Protection has additional features:

  • It will enable registrants to receive emails, for example, domain sale inquiries, from
  • They can also receive web-form emails from the same website


New Domain Registration, Transfers and Renewals

  • Transfers and registrations from SuperSite will use customer contact information details established during the purchasing process for Admin, Technical, Registrant and Billing contacts.
  • If you are a customer, you can access the control panel and change or edit the default contact or all four contacts
  • If these contacts are from EU, GDPR WHOIS protection method will automatically be enabled for the domain name during your purchase. It will be implemented just as it was described in the previous paragraphs.
  • You will be alerted during the purchase flow that your personal data is under the WHOIS free protection.

Nevertheless, you can also layer Privacy Protection over the WHOIS protection if you want to get emails such as sale notifications.

EU customers’ WHOIS data will always be masked; no matter if they have Privacy Protection enabled or not.

In exemption to the terms stated above, access to PII of domain name registrants may be granted for technical reasons, e.g., if it is necessary to facilitate transfers, or if law enforcement requires the access to which it is legally entitled.

Privacy Policy Changes

AbeloHost B.V. has the right to make amendments to its Privacy Policy. Once and if the changes are made, you will be notified via email.

The notification about these changes will also be posted on our website. Furthermore, the Privacy Policy page will reflect these changes as well. Hence, if you continue to browse, use and navigate, as well as order services from AbeloHost B.V., it will be assumed that you have agreed to the changes made to our Privacy Policy.

If AbeloHost B.V. goes through the process of selling its company, partially or in whole, you will be notified if your PII has to be transferred according to the sale agreement. Afterward, if you continue to use our products and services, your PII, as well as your other personal and non-personal data, will remain under the protection of the policy outlined on this page until further notice.

Company Details

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