Be part of a team that promotes Freedom of Speech on the Internet.

Our Culture

AbeloHost has grown exponentially and its success can be credited to one quality alone: its wonderful team. Over the years, AbeloHost has perfected in establishing a liberal work culture, while effectively eliminating traditional forms of “office” culture. It has learned to facilitate its team with the necessary resources to aid in the development of new ideas.

In a nutshell, AbeloHost has grown to appreciate the pursuit of creativity more than mere hard work.

We have no strict guidelines for joining our team. All that we ask for is a significant contribution. In what way or form this is achieved, is up to you.


AbeloHost knows how to be generous. It recognizes each individual’s contribution and he or she is fairly compensated for their additional work effort.

Global lifestyle

AbeloHost’s head office is located in the Netherlands, but it is only occupied by those who require to be physically present in the datacenter. For all our other staff members, the world is their workplace. Live and work where you feel inspired.


AbeloHost doesn’t strictly adhere to a 9 to 5 work week. It allows its team to set their own hours. Aside from that, to avoid any dullness of any repetitive work, AbeloHost motivates its team to work on their personal projects during working hours.

Current Job Openings


As you may have noticed, AbeloHost has an eye for aestheticism. For obvious reasons, we’re looking to hire a full-time illustrator who can further AbeloHost’s visual brand. Are you creative, good at visualizing concepts, and stubborn for perfection? Then you may be the one we’re so eagerly willing to meet.

You’ll be working closely together with the marketing and social media team.

WordPress designer

Can you make custom WordPress websites that can leave a client almost speechless? Then please keep reading. You’ll be in charge of contacting, brainstorming, and developing websites as to clients’ requests. You know how to be patient, ask the right questions, and meet deadlines.

You’ll be mostly working solo. It will be just you and the clients.

Technical Support

You know how to monitor servers and ensure that they keep operating smoothly at all costs. You know how to setup DDoS protection, install OS, and run diagnoses in case of failure. You’ll be charge of handling any technical questions clients may have about their shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated server with a swift, well-written and detailed response.

You’ll be closely working with clients and other technical support members.

Marketing Intern/Member

Do you have experience with SEO, copywriting and content development? Do you know how to develop creative promotions for businesses? Are you a proficient writer of English? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ three times, then you know that we’re looking for you. Join our marketing team to further AbeloHost’s world reach.

Social Media Specialist

The title says it all. We’re looking for someone that will enthusiastically run all our social media campaigns. Do you know the inner workings of almost all the social media platforms out there? Do you know how to engage an online community and build upon a business’s existing brand? Is your English proficient and do you love writing? If so, then we’d like to know where you’ve been all this time!?