Anti DDoS Protection

Protect your website from DDoS attacks

AbeloHost offers two types of Anti DDoS Protection for all of its solutions: Standard and Premium Anti DDoS Protection.

Standard Anti DDoS Protection

Standard Anti DDoS Protection

The Standard Plan is always active regardless of the client. This is to ensure that there is no downtime during a small-scale DDoS attack. The standard plan was introduced to protect clients who are unable to pay for DDoS Protection, but who still need it due to the prevalence of DDoS.

The standard protection plan protects up to 2Gbps/1Mpps and is active for a limited time only. This is ideal for clients who receive DDoS attacks from time to time (and not constantly).

Premium anti ddos protection

Premium Anti DDoS Protection

The premium plan is ideal for those who frequently or constantly receive DDoS attacks. The premium plan costs €50/month per protected domain and protects up to 100Gbps for an unlimited period of time. Premium protection is for websites exclusively.

If you require a higher level of gbps protection, please contact us for more information.

€50/month per site

Premium DDoS Protection Features

  • Provides total DDoS protection for one domain at the cost of 50EUR per month
  • Supports unlimited number of attacks per month
  • Supports unlimited duration of attacks per month
  • Supports all types of attacks
    • TCP floods (which includes SYN ACK reflection, TCP ACK floods, and TCP fragmented attacks)
    • SYN floods (which includes spoofed SYN flood)
    • UDP floods (which includes DNS amplification and UDP fragment floods)
    • HTTP floods (POST/GET bot attacks, slow POST / Slow loris
    • ICMP floods (including Smurf attacks and Ping of Death)
    • IGMP floods
    • Bandwidth saturation
  • Detection and auto-mitigation
  • Compatible with v6

How does it work?

AbeloHost uses a filtration system that detects DDoS attacks before they occur, consequently preventing most attacks of having an noticeable impact on the protected source. This is made possible with technology that is able to recognize patterns on the type and quantity of traffic that the website receives. It then successfully restricts access to all blocks of traffic that fall outside of that pattern.

All Anti DDoS Protection prices are exclusive of VAT.