How to Submit a Tutorial

AbeloHost now offers compensation for all of those who wish to share their knowledge about the workings of the mighty Internet. So if you’re a knowledgeable person and are interested to earn a few extra bucks, keeping reading.

We are looking for articles about:

  • Tips revolving around web hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, websites, emails, online marketing, and SEO.
    Example: 10 tips to speed up your website. 
  • Tutorials/guides that help educate about the topics in mentioned in ‘tips’.
    Example: How to install Ubuntu desktop on your Linux VPS.
  • Frequently-asked-questions answered relating to the topics mentioned in ‘tips’.
    Example: How can I host multiple websites on one domain?
  • General information about the topics mentioned in ‘tips’.
    Example: 10 reasons you should go for an offshore hosting provider. 


We pay:


Article submission payment


With the minimum word count being 200 words.


Requirements (Please read carefully):

  • Has to be 100% original. Although you are allowed to use information from other sources, it has to be written entirely by you. No copy-pasting.
  • Written in proficient English.
  • Has to be written in list-form, e.g. 10 reasons, 10 steps, 10 tips.
  • Each point needs to have an appropriate image or screenshot. If you’re writing on tutorials, screenshots are a must.
  • Be creative. If you have a sense of humor, or if you are incredibly serious, let it know in your writing.

How can I start?

Before you start, we kindly ask you to submit your preliminary title. This way you can start writing in full confidence knowing that we are eager to post your article.

Once it’s been approved, please submit your article by following the link below.